Increased error rates for
Incident Report for
The registry is fully restored.
Posted Mar 16, 2023 - 18:37 CDT
We are still not seeing any new issues reported and are planning to re-deploy the registry again to ensure all issues from earlier have been resolved.
Posted Mar 16, 2023 - 15:34 CDT
The registry has been recovered from a previous version and we've re-enabled deploys as we continue to monitor for new issues.
Posted Mar 16, 2023 - 13:54 CDT
Users may also see an increase in error rates when attempting to create or update machines using the API.
Posted Mar 16, 2023 - 13:30 CDT
We've identified the issue and are working to rollback the most recent deploy of the registry.
Posted Mar 16, 2023 - 13:29 CDT
We're seeing an increased number of errors or timeouts when pushing images to during deploys.
Posted Mar 16, 2023 - 13:24 CDT